Fire at Port Augusta Power Station

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A fire spread over several levels at Northern Power Station last Wednesday night.

It took four hours to extinguish, a feat which required three Metropolitan Fire Service crews and three Country Fire Service crews which joined forces with Alinta Energy staff.

Stirling North CFS captain John Miller said it was a challenging fire to fight, due to the extreme heat of the plant operating equipment and that the fire was "up several flights of stairs".

"We had to get the hose lines up to where the fire was and working in the hot conditions made it a very strenuous task," Mr Miller said.

SA Ambulance was also at the scene, but an Alinta Energy spokesperson said there were no injuries and no impact on supply.
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"At this stage, we can confirm that there have been no injuries and no significant plant or environmental damage," the spokesperson said.

"Generation will continue as normal while we undergo an investigation to determine the cause."

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the spokesperson said an investigation is continuing.

Mr Miller said fuel which spilled over several levels was ignited when it came into contact with hot plant equipment, but the cause of the spill is unknown.

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