Explosion at Pekin Bottling Plant Injures 4 People

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Police say four people were injured Monday in an explosion involving chemical refrigerants at Enviro-Safe Refrigerants bottling plant.

An explosion blew off a corner of the one-story brick building's roof and wall, sending bricks and debris onto Burlington Northern railroad tracks.

Authorities, however, say there is no need to evacuate homes at the plant, which is located at 100 Caroline St.

"It was a big kaboom" that John Gordon, 66, said he heard from inside his home at 127 Caroline St.

"I always figured since they started (the bottling operation) that this might happen after seeing all those tanks outside for the refrigerant." Gordon said.

Police Public Information Officer Don Jolly said four people have been taken to hospitals, at least two for chemical burns and possibly the others who inhaled fumes after the explosion.

Within a half an hour after the explosion, the injured had been removed and the building, while vacant, showed no signs of fire or other dangers.

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