Construction Accident Kills Worker in Trench

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CORPUS CHRISTI - It took several hours for firefighters to secure the scene of a trench collapse this afternoon to allow the Medical Examiner's office to remove the body of a construction worker killed in the accident on King George Place.

A fire official says a crew was working inside the 8 foot deep trench to uncover a utility line in the subdivision when one of the walls collapsed.

The crew was working with an excavator at the site, but at the time of the accident it is believed only men with shovels were in the trench.

The worker was possibly hit on the head by an object or a large amount of dirt during the collapse. By the time firefighters arrived his coworkers had already uncovered his body, but he was unconscious and not breathing. Firefighters called for investigators once they determined he was dead.

Another worker in the trench was taken to the hospital with a leg injury.

Officials did notify the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) about the incident.

So far, the deceased worker has not been identified.