Firefighter Injured in NE Austin Power Plant Blaze

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A firefighter suffered minor injuries while working a smoldering fire at a turbine at a Northeast Austin power plant early Monday, an official said.

Austin fire crews were called to the fire at the Decker Creek Power Station at 8003 Decker Lane shortly after 5 a.m., Battalion Chief Thayer Smith said.

Austin Energy workers reported insulation covering a turbine at the 926-megawatt natural gas plant had caught fire, Smith said.

Extinguishing the fire required a tedious process of removing burning insulation from the turbine, said Smith, who estimated it took more than an hour to extinguish the fire.

During that effort, a piece of smoldering insulation fell and struck a firefighter on the cheek, he said.

The firefighter was treated at the scene and was able to return to work soon after, Smith said.

Only the turbine that caught fire was taken offline during firefighting efforts, but the remainder of the plant was able to continue operating, Smith said.

There were no power outages reported during the incident.

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