3 Power Plant Fires in 1 Day

A fire broke out at a Wheatland Power Plant at 2:30pm on Tuesday with a report that a number of people were trapped in a roof collapse.  However, it was determined that no one was trapped and the fire was extinguished within a few hours.

The fire broke out at Laramie River Station Coal Fired Power Plant in a surge bin, a container that collects coal from conveyor belts.  Click here to read about the fire hazards within a coal fired power plant.


A fire broke out at a Tata Power's power station on the coal conveyor at 8:45am on Tuesday.  By 10:15am, the fire was under control.


The WE Energies Presque Isle Power Plant in Marquette had a fire break out at 9:30pm on Tuesday.  The fire started on the roof of the number 4 building, but stayed confined to a diesel exhaust ventilator that is used to vacate air from the building in support of an asbestos abatement operation.  The fire extinguishment process was complicated because of the potential of asbestos.  The fire went to a 3 alarm, but by 11:15pm the fire was extinguished.