Fire at Dededo Power Plant, Extensive Power Outage

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Guam Fire Department crews are responding to a possible structure fire at the Dededo Guam Power Authority substation.

Few details have been released by power or safety officials.

Residents in Latte Heights reported that their power went on and off for about five minutes before going out completely.

Nathaniel Salii, a Latte Heights resident, said they were out on the yard when they saw a bright light at the transformer near the Dededo junkyard.

Guam Fire Department spokesman Lt. Ed Artero said firefighters are on the scene at the Dededo power substation. Artero said there were no injuries.

10:30 p.m. - Safety officials are responding to a fire at the Dededo power substation and reports of power outages from the throughout the island are pouring in.

Guam Power Authority spokesman Art Perez said three baseload generators are down, including generators at Cabras and NEC 8 and 9.

Perez said GPA crews are working to fire up back-up generators. It's unknown when power will be restored.

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