Could China Build a Nuke Plant that Could Fit in a Box?

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World's Smallest Nuke Plant

South China -- A research institute is developing the world's smallest nuclear plant.

The nuclear plant will be so small that it can fit into a shipping container.  The plan is to build it and move it to the South China Sea within five years.  It will be used to power an island.  The plant is nicknamed dedianbao or "portable nuclear battery pack."

The tiny power plant will be able to power 50,000 households on the island.  It is also built to run for years, maybe decades, without refueling.  The plant will produce no dust or smoke, so refueling doesn't need to happen as often.

The project was mostly funded by the military, but the hope is for the technology to benefit civilians. 

The issue is, if something were to happen to the "baby plant," it would be catastrophic.  The radioactive waste would travel around the world on sea currents.

Read more about it here. 

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