Workplace Safety Requires Planning - write a JSA

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In heavy industrial plants, everyday tasks can involve potential exposure to danger. When carrying out a specific construction duty, system inspection, or service job a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) shall be completed to ensure the highest regard is given to safety. Not only is personnel safety a priority, equipment, facilities and their continued operations shall be considered as well.

A JSA should force an individual to keep safety at the forefront of their mind. The first step is to think about each step involved in completing the specific task at hand. While doing a mental run-through of the task, consider the possible hazards you may encounter. Once all possible hazards have been identified, recommended actions or procedures shall be reviewed to avoid or eliminate those hazards. By taking the time to consider all possible hazards and their solutions, everyone involved will know how to complete the task the safest way possible.

If a JSA is not available, it is simple to create. A JSA should include:
• Steps to complete the task; hazards associated with each step
• Tools/materials needed for the task; hazards the tools/materials may cause
• Individuals involved in each step
• Safety equipment and or procedures needed to complete the task safely
• Strategies to reduce any hazards or unintended events.
• Steps individuals will take to complete the task safely

Developing a JSA will only take a small amount of time to create, but can save lost man hours due to injury and/or damage to property.