Salt River Project to Test Burning Biomass at Coal Power Plant

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biomass for coal-fired power plant

St. Johns, AZ -- A coal-fired power plant is going to be testing using biomass at an Arizona site.

The plant will do a three-stage experiment to try burning forest debris biomass with coal.  This experiment will take place at Coronado Generating Station.  The experiment will test whether burning biomass will reduce the risk of wildfire while also utilizing a renewable source for power.

The experiment's three-stages will be:

1)  A one-day test.

2)  If that is successful, a 10-day burn (starting Nov 10)

3)  The 10-day experiment will be followed by another 10-day burn with a higher percentage of biomass with the coal.

The biomass, forest debris will be taken from the thinning and cutting of state land in northern Arizona.

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