Construction workers at gas plant site near Gladstone strike over food safety

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Photo: Maggot-infested carrot served to QCLNG plant worker (Supplied: Australian Manufacturing Workers Union)

Hundreds of construction workers at a gas plant site near Gladstone in central Queensland have walked off the job over food contamination concerns.

Staff at the QCLNG gas export plant construction site on Curtis Island say the kitchens at the workers' camp are unsanitary.

Yesterday, they voted to walk off the job saying it's an occupational health and safety issue.

Phil Golby from the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union says workers are being served maggot-infested meals and uncooked pieces of chicken.

"There was hair found in the food, I was also shown a photograph of chicken legs and chicken wings that were definitely not cooked," he said.

Construction company Bechtel says it is a "ridiculous" and "illegal" strike, but Mr Golby says it is a safety issue.

"We don't believe it is industrial action, this is about health and the health of workers.

"Health and safety go hand in hand."

Bechtel says members of the striking unions are overreacting to a worker finding a caterpillar inside a piece of broccoli.

"A number of employees participated in unlawful industrial action on the QCLNG site as a result of this isolated occurrence," a spokeswoman said.

"This action will be responded to appropriately in line with Australian workplace laws and regulations."


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