NE Power Plant Runs Fire Safety Course

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NE Power Plant Runs Fire Safety Course

Sutherland, NE -- Firefighters jobs are already dangerous, but when you are a firefighter at a power plant, it is even more threatening.

To better prepare firefighters, the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) arranged a training course to prepare the fire brigade for situations that can come up in a power plant.

"They're working together as a team.  They're practicing that teamwork," said John Shrader, NPPD's Fire Safety Leader.

The basis of the training is to teach the brigade to work together seamlessly.   When a situation is as dangerous as a fire or explosion at a power plant, the team needs to work together mechanically, by second nature.

"[The Drills] build camaraderie.  It builds teamwork.  It builds [an] understanding of each other's limitations," said Shrader.

The course requires that all fire crews wear the equipment they would wear in an emergency.  They wear a jacket, a helmet, and a mask.

"Their personal protective gear is really good.  As long as they wear it correctly and properly, it's going to provide a large amount of protection.  However, we also stress that it's not perfect and it's not going to protect them against everything," Shrader went on. 


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