Fire crews respond to propane tank fire north of Bobcat Manufacturing Plant

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Wahpeton, ND (WDAY TV) - A scare for both workers and firefighters at a manufacturing plant in Wahpeton.

Fire crews arrived on scene around five Monday morning braving 50 below wind chills responding to a call of a liquid propane tank on fire just north of the Bobcat Manufacturing Plant.

Officials say the fire crews were able to put out the fire quickly and contained it to the immediate area around the tank.

The propane tanks are over a few hundred feet from the plant and officials say there was never any threat to the plant or anyone inside the plant.

Laura Ness Owens/Bobcat Communications Dir.: “Employees are obviously our first priority so they were a ushered away from the area of the building that it was located, it was about a 100 yards from the building, so, but they made sure to take employees as far away as possible and the fireman were very good at taking care of it quickly.”

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