India Chemical Plant Fire - 3 Men Injured

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India Chemical Plant Fire

Mumbai, India -- Three men were injured when a fire broke out at a chemical plant in India.

The Boisar MIDC fire brigade reported that the fire broke out at the chemical plant for Mohini Organics Private Limited.  A flashover occurred, spreading the fire to three other business units.  The fire spread took it to barrels of chemicals that exploded.  Fire officials report that men stayed to move products to safety when glass bottles burst from the fire and landed on them.

The area was evacuated and their power supply was cut.

The Boisar MIDC fire brigade and Palghar and Tarapur Atomic Power Station firemen worked together to douse the flames.

The plant didn't have fire sprinklers and suffered huge financial losses from the fire.  

The cause of the fire will not be investigated until the cooling operations are complete.  Currently, the cooling operations are experiencing issues due to lingering smoke.

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