3-Alarm Fire Burns PSE&G Plant

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A large fire broke out inside an inactive Public Service Electric & Gas Power Plant in Burlington City.  The fire grew out of control for six hours.  Firefighters eventually brought in a fire boat and special equipment to help extinguish the blaze.

Burlington City Mayor James Fazzone said, "We're keeping at least one rig there to keep an eye on it.  The foam worked really well and we're happy with it but there are some burning embers.  We're going to keep an eye on those."

The flames were from an oil soaked basement floor.  

Fire crews began using special foam to extinguish the flames.  "They're having success with the foam," said Fazzone.

Smoke continued to pour from the building and drift into the downtown area.  A hazardous materials team was on-site, testing the air quality.

"The air quality is good and being monitored," said Fazzone.

However, as a precaution, residents are being asked to stay home, close vents, and intakes that would allow outside air in.

"I don't get worried until the members of the hazmat team start to suit up.  If you see them running, you better take off running too," said Hunnewell, a volunteer firefighter in Bristol, PA.

No injuries or fire protection within the building have been reported.