Firefighters Learn from 2012 Tilbury Power Station Fire

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A huge fire at the Tilbury Power Station is the subject of a report to help firefighters deal with similar incidents.

The blaze, which occured two years ago, required 120 firefighters and 4 days to extinguish.  

The writer of the report, Divisional officer Mark Samuels said, "It's not often a fire and rescue service is requested to respond to an incident of this nature.  The scale of escalation - the dynamics of tackling what was in essence a high rise incident within a large power station is somewhat unique.   The fact the plant had recently converted from being coal-fired to using biomass pellets added unprecedented challenges as to how to tackle, surpress, and extinguish this fire."

When firefighters arrived at Tilbury Power Station, they discovered a fire 108 feet above ground with indications that people were trapped inside.

The service organized a command structure within 15 minutes. Samuels created a report containing diagrams and first hand accounts of tactics, so if a similar incident occurs, they can use the same strategy.