Chinese Power Plant Construction Site Accident Kills 67 (UPDATED TO 74)

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Scaffolding Collapse

Bejing, China -- The death toll has reached 74, following a scaffolding collapse at a Chinese construction site for a power plant.

Originally, the state media has reported that 67 out of approximately 70 people were killed when scaffolding collapsed at a power plant construction site.  Now, the death toll has been confirmed at 74 with an unknown number of people at the site at the time of the accident.  The accident has resulted in an additional two people being injured and one is missing.

scaffolding accident 

Approximately 500 rescue workers reported to the scene of the accident to join in search and rescue efforts.

The construction site was for a cooling tower at the city of Fengching Jiangxi provice. 

Nine managers at the site have been arrested over their role in the collapse. 

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