Transformer Fire Brought under Control by Deluge Fire Sprinklers

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A transformer explosion caused a fire at the New York Power Authority's Robert Moses Power Plant. 

The fire began at 7:10pm on Wednesday night in a step-up transformer.  The plant is the main electricity generating facility for the NYPA Niagara Hydroelectric project.

When fire fighters arrived, they found a deluge system dousing the flames and heavy smoke.  Harry Francois, NYPA Western Regional Manager, said NYPA activated the plant's emergency management response plan immediately.

It took firefighters about an hour and twenty minutes to completely extinguish the fire.  "We're grateful to the first responder organizations that helped to extinguish the fire," Francois said.

No injuries were reported and no power disruptions resulted from the fire.  The fire was contained to the single transformer, thanks to the deluge fire sprinkler system.