India Unveils Robot Controlled Solar Power Plant

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India Unveils Robot Controlled Solar Power Plant

India -- India has unveiled its robot controlled solar power plant.  It is one of the world's largest with a capacity of 648MW.

The facility is four square miles in southern India.  With 648 MW, it tops the Topaz Solar Farm in California.

The solar farm took 8 months and $679 million to build.  It features 25 million solar modules with a team of solar-powered maintenance robots.  The Topaz Solar farm took 2 years to build and cost $2.5 billion to build.  India's new plant will generate electricity for 150,000 homes.

This plant is another example of India's efforts to expand its renewable energy sources.  In 2015, India opened an airport that ran exclusively on solar.  It has 46,000 solar panels.  The country also has plans to open solar zones.

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