Former Power Plant to Become Lux Hotel

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former power plant to become hotel

Savannah -- A luxury hotel is in the development phase in Savannah at the site of a former power plant.  The power plant was a century old and is being re-imagined into a luxury hotel and entertainment district on the Riverwalk.

The Plant Riverside District is planned to have 400 hotel rooms, 13 restaurants and bars, a gallery, and spa. Kessler Collection, a developer and operator of boutique hotels and resorts, bought the property with the intent to convert it into an extension of the West River Street riverfront.

The Kessler Collection Chairman and CEO Richard Kessler said that city officials are planning on breaking ground on the project today (12/7).

This project also benefits from federal historic preservation tax credits.

Kessler said that he plans on keeping the industrial look of the plant and preserving as much of the Georgia Power plant as possible.

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