Fire Crews Battle FL Power Plant Fire

Check out a video of a sprinkler test for a power plant transformer.  Click here.

Dozens of firefighters are working to extinguish a fire at a FL power plant this morning. 

The fire began as a transformer fire, but quickly escalated.  A 300 gallon oil reservoir next to the transformer caught fire as well.  Then, embers from the fire flew to nearby equipment that had 40-50 foot tall paper filters, and caught the filters on fire.

"The filter itself is approximately 40-50 feet tall, so we have to get fire crews into the inside, crawling to the top of the filters to completely extinguish it," said Lt. Steven Lawrence.

At least 50 firefighters have been called to the scene.  Firefighters will remain on the scene to go through the equipment and make sure it is completely extinguished.