The man behind the headline: Victim Dies in Power Plant Fire

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Family, friends, and co-workers are remembering their good friend Earle Robinson.  He died Sunday after six days of burn treatment when he was seriously injured in the Atkins Power Plant fire.

The Atkins Power Plant operates remotely.  However, Robinson, and co-workers James Yendrey and Maurice Carlson were at the plant doing some tests after routine maintenance when the fire erupted.

Earle Robinson will be missed.  He was close with his church.  He worked with children, teaching music.

"I have a nine year old grandson who thinks Mr. Earle is the one who walked on water.  He thinks Mr. Earle is just 'it!' because Mr. Earle had him in Children's Worship, learning to lead singing and handle communion and so that's how the children here were, they just idolized Mr. Earle," said Paul Atkinson, friend of Robinson.  Atkinson added that he will always remember Robinson for his bright shirts and shoelaces.  "Earle was a child in a grown-up's body.  He was a child at heart.  He loved children and that positiveness that he shared with everybody, young and old, was from that heart he had."

"He had talked about some of the tours he had given and the things they did there [at the plant].  [He had] lots of love for his job," said Monty McCulley, the Youth and Family Minister at A&M Church of Christ.  He continued, "He was just full of so much enthusiasm that if he's leading songs for the kids or teaching the kids, it was always exciting and there were unexpected things that were going to happen because he was full of surprises."

His enthusiasm for life is exactly what he'll be remembered by.