Fire at John Amos Power Plant Quickly Extinguished

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A transformer exploded Wednesday at the John Amos Power Plant.  Luckily, the resulting fire was extinguished within minutes.  The transformer has fire sprinklers, which contained the fire until the on-site firefighter's could arrive.  Within minutes the fire was extinguished.  Their fire protection plan went exactly as planned.

Phil Moye, spokesman for Appalachian Power, said the fire was reported at about 12:30pm and that residents could hear the explosion and see black smoke.

Moye reported that the transformer was not on the property itself.  It was in a nearby switchyard.

The John Amos Power Plant serves 2 million residential customers.  

Moye said that Appalachian Power is still determining the cause of the explosion and the extent of the damage.  There were no outages.