Marietta Chemical Plant Fire - Fish Die as a Result of Fire

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A chemical plant fire in Marietta, GA sent plumes of smoke into the air and lit the night sky with flames.  The fire continued for 12 hours on May 23.  Residents were concerned that there may be toxic fumes from the fire; however, environmental officials assured them that there were no endangering fumes.

However, within the next 36 hours, many fish died along the 5 mile stretch of creek that runs along side the plant.

Georgia Environmental Protection Division Emergency Response Manager JR Campbell said, "All of our samples and monitoring we did did not detect any hazardous materials in the stream."

Campbell said the fish died from the water run off that resulted from the firefighters fighting the fire.  The water overwhelmed the creek and suffocated the fish.

"It always poses a stress to a small stream and the dissolved oxygen level went down dramtically for a brief period of time, but it was enough to cause the fish stress and some of them died," Campbell continued.

EPD officials are monitoring the creek and have filter dams and booms to prevent contamination.  In addition, 100k gallons of run-off water was removed from the creek.