VIDEO: First Day on the Job Was His Last: A Lock Out Tag Out Fail

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Ninety minutes into a young man's first day of his first job ever, he was killed when someone failed to do a proper lock out tag out.  See the video footage and explanation here.

Picture this scenario: A maintenance worker turns off a machine to climb inside and start working on a part. Another worker sees the machine is off, and switches it back on - not seeing the maintenance worker inside the machine. The worker is crushed, maimed, or worse as the machine activates. 

Here is a video interviewing people who knew a man who would have been saved if a lock out/tag out procedure was completed because of this exact scenario.

This wouldn't happen if a lock out/tag out procedure was used. 

Take our quiz to test your tag out/lock out knowledge!

1) Lock out is accomplished by:
a. Locking the gates at your job site.
b. Shutting down equipment for service or maintenance work.
c. Installing a lockout device at the power source so equipment can't be operated.
d. Tagging equipment to indicate it shouldn't be used.
e. None of the above.

Read the full article here. 

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