Fire Burned 6 Stories Underground at Hoover Sewage Plant

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Hoover, AL -- A large, underground fire at the Hoover Sewage Plant has been extinguished.

The fire was in a sewage plant, six-stories below ground.  It was discovered at 4pm on June 12th and was extinguished by 5pm.

Passerbyers could see smoke rising from the ground and reported the fire.  As it turned out, a motor at one of the plant's four pumps caught fire.

Rusty Lowe, the Hoover Fire Executive Officer, said the plant is in an isolated area.  "If the whole plant goes down, the sewage won't be pumped properly and there's a possibility of it backing up into a holding well.  This is a pretty major sewage plant," said Lowe.

By 5pm, they were able to isolate the power to the one pump and shut down the electricity.  The smoke cleared and they were able to send down a team of firefighters to fight the fire.  It was extinguished soon after firefighters arrived.

No fire protection or cause of the fire was reported.