How To Reduce Fire Protection Maintenance + Service Costs

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reduce fire protection and maintenance costs

We recently published a case study about how we reduced the cost of maintenance and service (year over year) at one of the largest refineries in the U.S.  It got me thinking, can this formula be applied to any power, chemical or heavy industrial plant we service?  Why, yes it can.  Here are the three ways we helped this refinery reduce their dollars spent on maintenance and service each year. 


The main reason that this particular facility was able to reduce their dollars spent each year was that they were consistent.  Once they determined that they were going to make fire protection a priority, they kept that promise to themselves.  Repairing or replacing broken systems was the first step, but not the last.  They were consistent and continued to schedule inspections, testing, and maintenance according to NFPA standards. 


In order to help facilities stay consistent, they should pre-schedule their inspections.  Sit down and schedule all of your inspections for the year at once, so you don't lapse.  At the annual inspection, check if it is time for your five-year inspection. 


If your facility's fire protection is currently in a state of decay, don't fret.  Hire a fire protection contractor who specializes in your facility type to make necessary repairs and replacements.  It might be pricey at first, but it will continue to go down in cost as your systems are brought back to life.

What's more expensive:  updating and maintaining your fire protection or letting it decay and having a fire?  The cost of property damage and a possible lawsuit for wrongful injury or death isn't even close. 


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