Nuke Power Plant Fined for Fire Safety Violations

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Nuke Power Plant Fire

The Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant was fined by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for fire safety violations.

They failed to conduct fire watch and suppression procedures while their fire protection equipment was out of service.  An investigation found that on mulitple occasions the "plant's workers deliberately failed to conduct fire watch patrols."

The company that owns the nuclear plant agreed to pay a fine of $140,000.

This lapse didn't result in any fires, but the patrols are an important part of the plant's fire protection procedures.  According to the NRC a "typical nuclear power plant will have three to four significant fires over their operating lifetime."

At this particular plant, a major fire in 1975 began in a control room for two of the reactors.  The fire damaged control cables for safety systems and their backups as well as disabling emergency core cooling systems.  The plant workers prevented the cores from melting, but it still remains the worst nuclear power plant fire in U.S. history.

The NRC continually struggles to get its plant workers to implement effective fire protection systems.

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