Bexar Firefighters Battle Fire Near Chem Plant

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San Antonio, TX -- Fire officials and Bexar County Emergency Management are working to prevent a major fire from spreading to a nearby chemical plant.

"There are chemicals here, there are oxidizers, they are used to clean the fracking equipment and the wells.  So they are keeping a close eye on this area," said Bexar County Spokeswoman Laura Jesse.

Firefighters are stuggling to prevent the fire from spreading to the chemical plant.  They have enlisted an AirLIFE helicopter to circle the area and watch the spread.  "AirLIFT is actually circling to give us an aerial view of the fire so they can talk to the command on the ground and tell them what they are seeing from the air," Jesse said.

It is estimated that between 80 and 100 acres have burned so far.

The fire is under investigation.  "We do have a gentleman on the property who has said he was setting off Roman candle fireworks.  The start of the fire is still under investigation even with that admission," said Jesse.