Footwear + the Construction Industry: What you should know.

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Footwear and Construction Industry

Proper footwear is not only to protect feet from dropped tools in the construction industry, it can prevent electrocution, burns, crushing, and more.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics did a study showing that, on average, 60,000 foot injuries occurred per year - 75% of those injuries could have been prevented by proper footwear.

The financial impact of those foot injuries was estimated at about $9,600 a day.  An injury from improper footwear could be from electrocution, slips, burns, puncture wounds, chainsaw wounds, and crushing.  Workers in the construction, logging, shipping, and other industries should all wear footwear that protects them from their industry's hazards.

What do you look for?

1)  Look for the ASTM label

The ASTM label shows that it meets certain standards.  The label will indicate the force of impact and compression that the boot will hold.  It will also tell you if it offers electrical hazard protection, puncture resistance, chainsaw resistance, and metatarsal resistance. 

2)  Look for Reinforcement 

Does the boot have steel or composite toe reinforcement?  Whether you are in the logging industry or construction, a reinforced toe is necessary to protect your feet from metatarsal injuries - the most common.

3)  Does the boot have sole? 

Make sure the sole of your boot is appropriate for your industry.  There are puncture resistant, slip prevention, waterproof and electrocution prevention soles available. 

Save that $9,600 bill per day and do some research on the proper shoe for your industry.  Check out this article to help you decide,"Guide to Choosing the Best Work Boot." 


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