Safety Regulations and Co2 Suppression

Interested in learning more about the life safety addition to NFPA 12?  Click here to read the complete article.

In 2005, NFPA 12 added a life safety component.  There are six things that all facilities should be doing to protect lives from Co2 fire suppression, which, according to the stats, you probably aren't doing.  There are easy adjustments you can make to protect your personnel.

1.   Any person who enters a space protected by Co2 suppression should be notified of the hazard and trained on safety evacuation procedures.

2.  Oil of wintergreen scent needs to be added to the Co2 to make the smell distinctive and pre-warn people of the release.

3.  Carbon dioxide alarms need to be installed.

4.  Procedures for confined space need to be established and enforced.

5.  Staff need to be trained on the safety risks of Co2 suppression.

6.  Lock-out valves are required on all carbon dioxide systems.

Don't risk being non-compliant.  Make sure your Co2 suppression system meets the life safety component.