New Haven Chemical Plant Explosion Blows Roof off Building

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New Haven chemical plant explosion

New Haven, CT -- An explosion at a chemical plant in Connecticut blew the roof off of the property.

The explosion happened at 11:30am.  There are several theories of what caused the explosion:  hydrogen-cyanide, natural gas feeder line from an overhead heater, or hydrogen tanks that exploded under pressure.

The damage was extensive.  The roof was blown off the building and nearby homes had windows explode.  A neighboring resident said, "They were vibrating back and forth from the compression of the air."  

Another neighbor, Donna Maine, said, "The walls shook everything.  The whole building shook.  I thought the TV was going to fall off the wall."

The explosion disrupted much of the area.  Debris flew and landed on Amtrak rails.  Residents were evacuated.  Someone driving near the site said, "My van shook and I turned around and when I looked, the top of the roof was about 40 feet in the air and insulation was flying all over the palce and like a white puff of smoke came out and that was about it."

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