6 People Injured in Aberdeen Power Station Explosion

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6 people injured in power station explosion

Aberdeen, OH -- Six people were injured on January 10 when a power station exploded.  The property had several safety violations on their record.

The explosion was reported at 1pm at the J.M. Stuart Generating Station.  This station is a 4-unit coal-fired power plant.

A witness said, "Something exploded, blowed half the building apart.  Don't know what, but as far as we know, pretty much everybody's accounted for."  He posted his account live on Facebook.

There were six victims, but no one's injuries were life threatening.

OSHA visited the site.  On record, they have several violations, starting in 2009.

  • January 2009 -- OSHA investigated 8 health issues with faulty alarm systems and mislabeled chemicals.
  • January 2009 -- OSHA fined the plant for employees working in confined spaces without the proper safety regulations in place.
  • November 2015 -- The plant was fined $1,500 for not providing proper respiratory protection.

 Lastly, in March 2015, an ongoing case started which will likely result in $37,413 in fines.  

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