Fire Sends Fiberglass Plant up in Flames

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plant fire protection contractorElkhart County, IN -- A fire started at the Better Way Products plant in Indiana yesterday. 

"We got the call that said we had a heavy fire at Better Way Products and that employees were out of the building.  We arrived on scene and we had heavy fire coming out of the front doors and so we know we had something so we started calling mutual aid companies in for help," explained New Paris Fire Chief Joe Warstier.

The blaze and smoke filled the entire building, but crews were able to extinguish it.  "We brought excavating equipment in because it was a really hard fire to fight because we couldn't get to it.  We brought two ladder trucks in, but we really couldn't attack the fire because the roof was still intact so we had to knock down doors and walls to get to the fire," said Warstier.  There were no fire hydrants on the scene, making the fight much more difficult.

There was at least one explosion.  An acetone barrel exploded within the plant.

The building was destroyed.  It is unknown if they had any plant fire protection solutions.

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