Didcot B Power Station Back Online after Fire

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power plant fire protectionLast week, a blaze knocked out one of two modules at the combined cycle gas turbine plant, Didcot B. Power Station.  Today, it is operating at 50% capacity.  The damage is still being assessed, and it has not yet been determined when the module will be restored to full capacity.

No one was injured and the fire's damage was contained to the one module.

Roger Miesen, head of hard coal and gas at RWE Generation said, "It's good news that module 5 is back online so quickly.  It will be available to generate power this winter and essential repairs will be in the region of single-digit million pounds."  He added, "Huge credit is also due to the RWE site and central engineering teams whose expertise meant that we are able to bring module 5 back into service after only nine days."

Recently, a series of fires and power station closures increased the prospect of an energy crunch in the UK.  The Didcot power station module coming back online so quickly will help lessen the burden on the grid.