11 People Die at Work Each Day

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construction safetyEleven people die each day at work.  It isn't any certain industry that is seeing death at work.  The deaths range from construction to data entry clerks.  

Besides the 11 people a day that die at work, 50,000 more people pass away due to an illness that they contracted at work.  

"These numbers are unacceptable to all of us, because as a nation we no longer accept the premise that injuries and fatalities are just part of the cost of doing business.  Safe companies have better financial results, they attract better workers, and keep them for longer periods of time.  These organizations know that a positive safety culture can boost employee morale, increase productivity, and lower costs," according to the DOL website.

Remember to have a safety protocol for workers.  In the construction industry, we make sure to always create JSA's for tasks, use safety equipment, train on safety, and have weekly safety talks.  

Talk to us:  What do you do to keep your employees safe?