Study Released: Plant Engineering Workplace Safety Trends

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Plant Engineering magazine conducted a study on its audience to gauge the trends in power, chemical, and industrial plant safety trends.  Below are the top 7 trends that they have predicted based on the study results.

1.  70%+  of operations and senior management personnel consider themselves "very committed" to safety.  There is an increase from 2013  in safety precautions from line workers as well.

2.  81% of plant management professionals, 74% of safey managers, and 68% of engineering personnel feel safe at work.

3.  98% of the study's respondents feel that their employees feel safe at work; 84% feel that productivity has increased because employees feel more safe at work.

4.  The top three methods for enforcing safety in power plants were:  safety audits, safety committee, and regular safety meetings.

5.  On average, respondents had received 21 hours of job-related safety training, 12 hours of ergonomics training, and 14 hours of first-aid training.

6.  Safety meetings are held monthly.

7.  89% measure their safety success based on OSHA recordables.  55% look at lowering their  worker's compensation costs.

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