Document Shredding Caused Fire in Truck at Power Plant

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power plant fire protectionIndiana -- An investigation has determined that a fire at Edwardsport Power Plant's parking lot was caused by shredded paper becoming overheated in a contractor's truck.

Edwardsport Power Plant hired Cintas, Shred-It to shred company paperwork.  The company shredded four bins and left to dispose of it in a company truck.  At the parking lot gate, the driver turned around and asked for assistance because he smelled the paper becoming overheated.  The Edwardsport Fire Department was called and extinguished the fire.

The Duke Energy report said, "A few minutes after the Cintas truck left, it returned to the front desk and the driver asked if we had a hose he could use because he thought he smelled the paper getting hot."

There were no fire hydrants in the area, so the fire department was called and used a  tanker truck to extinguish the smoldering fire.