Sprinklers Save Industrial Plant from Fire

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plant fire protectionA major fire was thwarted when the fire sprinklers activated at the Winsford Industrial Estate.

Fire crews were called to the Winsford Industrial Estate at 10am on February 19 when machinery caught fire.  The company's sprinkler system activated, and the fire was confined to the machine.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services head of prevention and protection Keith Brooks said, "The fire was contained by two sprinkler heads from the company's system which activated in the relevant zone and prevented the fire from spreading to other areas.  This meant that firefighters just needed to use a hose reel jet to completely extinguish the fire in the machine."

Staff were allowed back in the building as soon as firefighters confirmed the fire was extinguished.

Brooks said, "Had there been no sprinkler system installed, the damage could have been much greater.  In similar cases we have seen incidents that needed up to ten fire engines in attendance for extended periods.  This incident could have resulted in much more serious damage from which companies very rarely recover.  Having a sprinkler system has certainly kept this company in business."