Four Alarm Fire at Missouri Manufacturing Plant

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plant fire protectionMissouri -- A four alarm fire in Mexico, MO destroyed a dog food manufacturing plant.

At 5am on Saturday, fire crews arrived at a 4-alarm dog food manufacturing plant fire.  Thirty-five firefighters arrived and were at the scene until 4pm.  An excavator was also on the scene, tearing down parts of the buildings so fire crews could get to the flames inside the building.

"I hope to rebuild," said Jim Raleigh, owner of the plant.  "It's going to take a lot of energy to go through all that.  First of all, it's all got to come down first and be removed and start from the ground up."

This plant caught on fire 10 years earlier due to an electrical issue; however, Raleigh does not believe that this was the cause this time because he shuts off the power each night.  The cause is still under investigation.

Lt. Steve Nichols believes the fire was sparked by dust.  "Anytime you have a manufacturing plant of any kind, they have dust.  And the smaller dust you have, the more volatile it is as far as explosions and stuff like that.  But, we have no idea what caused it at this time."