14 People Killed, 19 Injured at Vietnam Scaffold Collapse

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scaffold safetyA scaffold collapse at a Vietnam construction site has killed 14 workers and injured at least 19 people.  Rescue workers are still searching for additional missing workers.  It is estimated that about 100 workers are still trapped.

Many of the injured are in critical condition, so the death toll could rise.

"A tunnel below the scaffold structure has hindered rescue work.  All available resources have been mobilized to rescue around 100 workers trapped under the rubble," said Nguyen Huy Tang, boarder guard.

The scaffold shook before it fell, causing people to panic and rush to the elevator.  The scaffold was 65 feet above the ground when it suddenly collapsed.  Dang Ninh Dan, a worker on site, said, "After 10 more minutes, the scaffolding which was about 20 meters high, suddenly collapsed.  I quickly grabbed an iron bar but fell free.  People were screaming, calling for help from the rubble.  I was very lucky to survive."

"At the construction site, there were thousands of workers, so the number of workers in distress is not yet accurately calculated," Pham Tran De, deputy head of the zone mangement board said.