Canada Power Plant Fire Causes Outage

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power plant fireNunavut -- A power plant fire yesterday left a community without power and faltering long-distance communication and internet.

Around 6pm, Quilliq Energy Corp (QEC) Tweeted, "partial power has been restored to Pangnirtung."

Electricity was being rotated for two and four hour intervals, QEC revealed.  A local state of emergency was declared for Hamlet of Pangnirtung.  1,500 people were without electricity, long-distance communication, internet, and some were without heat. Temperatures were expected to dip to -20C that evening.  Residents were warned to periodically open their taps to avoid frozen pipes, but to otherwise conserve water until further notice.

Residents who still had cellular service were Tweeting that the power plant was still on fire as of Thursday morning.  The fire began at 1:30am on April 2.  It was extinguished later that morning.

The aging power plants in Canada are a major concern.  "We have many power plants that are aging, and reaching end of life in the communities.  We need a major infusion of funding to upgrade the power plants."

This isn't the first state of emergency for the Pangnirtung community.  In June 2008, a wicked combination of above average temperatures, heavy rains, and a torrent of melt-water caused the Duval River to carve out a new path and collapsed two bridges connecting the town to its water supply and sewage tratment plant.  They were in a state of emergency for three weeks.