Biomass Power Plant Fire

The most damage is incurred when fire sprinklers are offline.  Check out our article on staying safe when fire sprinklers are offline.

biomass power plant fire sprinklersKrabi -- A biomass power plant, Saraff Energies, experienced a fire when large piles of palm kernel shells caught fire.  Damage was estimated at 100 million baht (3,069,509.03 in US Dollars).

The fire was reported at 1:30am.  The plant was closed at the time for maintenance.

The fire ignited in a grinder and moved to the conveyor belt.  It then spread to stored palm kernel shells.  The fire took 4 hours to control.

The fire destroyed the steel warehouse where the kernels were stored.  The fire extinguishing system was shut down during the maintenance, and did not activate.

Two workers were injured.