Alabama Company Buys Closed Biomass Power Plant in Maine

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biomass power plant

Maine -- A biomass plant in Maine has been bought by an Alabama company.  It was shuttered with 24-megawatts.  When the Alabama-based company, 42 Railroad Ave LLC, brings the biomass back online, it will bring 300 jobs to the area.

42 Railroad Ave CEO Steven Johnson said that he plans on rebuilding the turbine, activate new transmission lines, and build a rotary kiln to produce 100+ tons of activated carbon.  This has applications including water and air purification, oil spill cleanup, medical treatments, and trapping mercury emissions from coal-fired power as well as natural gas wellheads.

Johnson stated in a press release, "Sherman Power Station was constructed to be the diamond jewel of the industry, with an automated feed system and other state-of-the-art technologies, which have been maintained very well by Wheelabrator and Boralex, and when the plant was shuttered a few years ago, it was shut down properly, with all the infrastructure left in place to make the restart very economical."

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