VIDEO: Explosions Knock Out Substation, Leave 3 Cities with No Power

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video explosions knock out transformer fire

Washington -- Several fires and explosions at a substation knocked the power out for three Washington cities.  The fire and explosions happened Wednesday night.  As a result, thousands of residents in Ephrata, Quincy, and Soap Lake are without power.

The fire broke out at a substation in downtown Ephrata at 7pm on Wednesday.

Videos, which are posted here, were posted to Instagram showing the flames lighting up the sky.

Susan Smith, Ephrata resident said, "I will never forget the sound.  I thought an airplane was landing on us." 

No one was hurt in the fire.  However, about 8,000 customers were without power following the fire.  Two of the three cities that lost power regained power 45 minutes later.

The fire appears to have started from an arc flash in a transformer.  The arc flash started an explosion, which resulted in several fires.  An adjacent building also caught fire. 



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