Lillington Manufacturing Plant Burnt to the Ground

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manufacturing plant fireLillington, NC -- A massive fire burnt a manufacturing plant to the ground on Thursday and Friday.

The fire was so massive that it lit up the night sky on Thursday.  The fire broke out at 8:30pm at a mobile home manufacturing plant.

The fire was fueled even more by pallets stored at the location.

"There was a couple of big booms from the propane tanks they keep for the forklifts and stuff.  It was a sight to see," said witness Hunter Mullins.

After hours and hours of fighting the fire, on Friday, firefighters decided to let the fire burn itself out.  Assistant Fire Chief Bodie Currin said, "The hardest part was getting surrounding water sources and get everything organized to it where we can actually get around collapse issues and things of that nature."

The images here show how the plant was completely flattened by the fire.

Brandon McLenan, an employee who showed up to work Friday morning said, "It's real shocking to wake up one morning thinking you're going to work and then you ain't got no place to work now [sic].  The officer stopped me and said there's no more plant.  It's hard times and this just made it harder for us."

Two firefighters were hurt while fighting the fire.