Coal-fired Power Plant Fire - Successful Extinguishment

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coal-fired power plant fireMarquette -- At 4:25am on Tuesday, fire crews were called to a coal bunker fire at the Presque Isle Power Plant.

Two fire trucks with six firefighters responded to the call.  A second alarm sent five more firefighters to the scene.  When fire crews arrived, they found smoldering coal - a very common cause of fires in coal-fired power plants.  The crews worked with plant staff to extinguish.

"We have safety measures that are in place at the plant that alert us when it gets a little bit warm.  Everything operated properly and there were no injuries with this smoldering coal issue," said Spokesperson Amy Jahns of WeEnergies.

The fire department left the scene at 10am.  However, according to Jahns, the fire was under control far before that.  The plant is back in operation and was able to meet all power needs of WeEnergies customers.