What happens when you don't have proper fire protection? Your plant is offline.

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coal-fired power plant

Marysville, MI -- A utility official for a Michigan power plant said that the plant, which was damaged by fire, can expect to be back online by July.

Detroit-based DTE Energy's St. Clair Power Plant in East China Township shut down in August when a fire started in a coal-fired generating unit.  It will take almost a year for the damages to be repaired.

The plant is 40 miles northeast of Detroit.  It's located along St. Clair River on the U.S. border of Canada. 

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So, how do you keep a fire from taking down a power plant for nearly a year?  You need to assess the needs of the coal-fire power plant and choose proper fire suppresion.  Click on our links to learn how to do that.  


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