How to be More Productive in the Morning

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Check out this infograph on how to be more productive in the morning.  Hint:  Turn off the tech and turn on the music.

Top 10 tips on being more productive in the morning:

1.  Get good sleep - keep your room completely dark, put your alarm clock across the room, and plan important tasks for the morning so you're excited to get up.

2.  Exercise - Just doing 30 minutes of exercise a day makes a drastic difference.

3.  Do what you love - visualize how you want to spend your day and try to make that happen.  Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, "Every morning I asked myself, 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today.'"

4.  Use the 15 minute rule - Write first drafts in 15 minutes, don't question anything you do in the first 15 minutes.

5.  Be conscious of good lighting - when working, keep the lights bright; when sleeping, keep the lights off.

6.  Use the improv rule - Whenever anyone asks you something say, "Yes, and..."

7.  Be comfortable with silence - Don't feel the need to fill silence.  That's when we say things that we don't mean.

8.  Listen to your gut - I never regret a decision I have a good gut feeling about.

9.  Let go of perfection - Not everything will be perfect, and that's okay.

10.  Let go of unhealthy relationships - We spend too much time trying to repair relationships that just aren't meant to be.  Spend your time working with people that you enjoy working with - or at the very least - you work well with.

Check out this infographic from Funders and Founders.

be productive in the morning