Dominion Seeking to Build $1.4B Gas-fired Power Plant

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Dominion power plantRichmond, VA -- Dominion Virginia Power is transitioning its energy plan to adapt to the evolving U.S. environmental rules.

Dominion has stated in a regulatory filing that it has a short-term plan to include more natural gas and renewable energy sources.  It's long term options included utility-scale solar and nuclear.

"The company maintains that the proposed Clean Energy Power Plant requires Dominion, its regulators, and other stakeholders to pause and fully re-evaluate the company's strategic path forward...," wrote Robert Blue, senior vice president of regulation, law, energy solutions and policy.

Last Wednesday, Dominion asked the SCC to approve a proposal for a $1.3 billion gas-fired power plant in Greensville County.  It would have 1600MW of energy.  Enough power for 400k homes.  If the approval goes through, construction will begin next year and the plant will employ 1,000 people.

Dominion is aligning their future energy plan with the EPA rules:


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