Power Plants: The 10 Coolest Images from Around the Web

Notice a theme here?  All of those plants were abandoned.  Keep your power plant up and running with our inspection, testing, and maintenance services.  A fire can destroy a property, but it is 96% less likely with properly functioning fire sprinklers.

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Power plant's sometimes get a bad rap.  However, these images will show you the cool, artistic side of these misunderstood giants.

Abandoned nuclear power plant. 

Photo from blogof.francescomugnai.com.

This photo of an abandoned construction of a nuclear power plant still generates feelings of horror with it's circular walls that funnels into a seemingly bottomless, black hole. From Francesco Mugnai's blog,

This is actually a steel works, but still beautiful! 

Photo from dailymail.co.uk

These are stories waiting to happen!  Abandoned America: Photographer captures haunting images of rusting steel works, crumbling schools and empty factories of a once-great superpower | Daily Mail Online

Cooling tower in an abandoned plant.

Photo from buzzfeed.com.

Cooling tower of an abandoned power plant | The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Abandoned power plant in Philadelphia.

Photo from skyscrapercity.com.

PECO Richmond Power Plant, Philadelphia.

Turbine from a hydro power plant in Russia.

Photo by englishrussia.com.

Turbine from the Chirkei hydro power plant, situated on the Sulak river and it's the highest arch dam in Russia.